All You Need To Know About Gum Paste Flowers: What They Are And How To Make Them


Sugar Flower Wedding Cakes

Discover how to create statement sugar flower wedding cake designs. Learn to make sought-after pieces including Juliet garden roses, traditional roses, hydrangea, fruits and foliages; and how to work with fondant, mix gumpaste, and use gel coloring and dusting to develop unique palettes. You will learn the following:

Stunning Sugar Flowers
Step by step instruction on creating lifelike sugar flowers including a classic rose and Juliet garden rose Arrangement of roses, fruits, and foliages onto a three-tier fondant covered cake Techniques for working on, storing, and transporting sugar flower adorned cakes.

Fruits and Foliages
The role of supporting floral elements in sugar flower designs How to create intricate florals, fruits, and foliages; including leaves, apricots and hydrangea florets Techniques for arranging vines and creating small floral arrangements.

Coloring and Dusting
How to use gel colors to tone your gumpaste Dusting techniques to achieve Winifred’s signature earthy colors Creating the perfect blush palette for your sugar flowers.

Working with Fondant and Gum Paste
Cake covering and achieving sharp edges with fondant on real and faux tiers Adding texture to fondant covered cakes Step-by-step instruction for creating Winifred’s custom gumpaste for creating sugar flowers
Photos by Haley Sheffield