Macaron Flavours

14 flavours, ranging from dark chocolate to tea to fruity confiture flavours,
pralines to sablés to spiced coffee, each flavour is well thought out and experimented
to ensure people stay away from the idea that macarons are too sweet. This line of macarons,
known as Nu, by WKC is a fruit of our founder, Winifred's traveling experiences-
combining Asian palette with colour and food texture inspirations from Faroe Islands, Paris & London.

Macaron Flavours

A range of 8 delectable flavours, from light tasting lemon cream cheese, to the interesting sublime pairing of Raspberry Lime, to the crowd's favourite: the Salted Caramel Chocolate Baileys, we got you and your guests' tastebuds covered.

Hazelnut Praline

From caramel to raw hazelnuts, every step to creating the hazelnut praline is made by hand. Combining our favourite dark chocolate, this flavour is really hard to miss!

Peppermint Mocha

Christmas Specials! Fresh peppermint infused into dark chocolate, all ready for the festive season flavour!

Salted Caramel Chocolate

The good old salted caramel and dark chocolate combination. Surely our crowd's favourite!

Royal Chocolate

Smooth, rich dark chocolate layered between 2 macaron shells- this one here is really hard to miss! Where are all the Chocolate Lovers?

Raspberry Chocolate

A subtle introduction of fruits into the dark chocolate range, this flavour balances perfectly the zest from the berries and the richness of the smooth chocolate filling.

Cranberry Cheesecake

The Classic New York Cheesecake in one bite!- also taste the freshly made cranberry confiture in this bite, sandwiched between 2 macaron shells.

Caramelized Cookie

Inspired by the french cookie; Sablé- this flavour is created to bring some good ol' buttery cookie (caramelised) taste to the world of macarons.

Cranberry Orange

Christmas specials! Taste the refreshing zest of orange buried in the dark chocolate ganache, with a top of dried cranberries.

Salted Egg Yolk

Local's Favourite. Salted Egg yolk prepared and cooked from scratch, we can't lie that this is one intense one that is worth every bit of the time taken to make it. Do we need to introduce more?

Pistachio Rose

For peeps looking for a gentle flavour with a hint of nuts, have a taste of perfectly toasted pistachio nuts, infused into the fluffy light rose flavour texture.

Lavender Earl Grey Chocolate

Lavender infused- dark chocolate sandwich between two earl grey flavoured macaron shells- this exotic one is surely a top choice for herbs and team lovers.


Made from fresh blackcurrants, this flavour is perfect for peeps looking for a refreshing bite in a macaron. Berries lovers, this flavour is made for you!

Cinnamon Cappuccino

Perfect for the spiced coffee lovers, when consumed cold, it feels like having a scoop of coffee ice cream on 2 cookie shells!

Pistachio Praline

From caramel to raw pistachio nuts, every step to creating the pistachio praline is made by hand. Combining our favourite dark chocolate, this is surely one of our top favourites.